While the laundry may be one of the least viewed or visited rooms by your guests, if you are the person responsible for managing the laundry, then you know only too well that a well-designed laundry can make a world of difference to your quality of life.

A well-designed laundry can save a family many hours that would otherwise be wasted working in a poorly designed one. It’s the combination of focusing on functionality as well as design that has made Hargreaves laundries so popular with our clients.

Our expert design team will work with you to create the perfect laundry environment ensuring that the task of managing the family’s washing needs is made as easy as possible.

For most homes, the laundry is one of the hubs of activity, making it essential that the space is well organised. A well-designed laundry will have great storage, be comfortable to work in and also help you to facilitate the job of sorting and separating.

A properly designed laundry can serve multiple purposes with the inclusion of custom built-in cabinets, a utility sink, washer and dryer. It can help you to simplify your household tasks, store sports gear and school supplies, cleaning supplies, shoes, jackets, and even function as a grooming centre for your family pets.

The truth is, laundries often don’t get the design attention that they deserve. Laundries are one of the most important and busiest areas in the home, and therefore are worth investing the time and energy to design properly.

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