Simple; it’s the skill and attention to detail of your chosen cabinet maker.

While a bathroom may be one of the smaller rooms in your home,
they require a great deal of expertise to be designed and constructed well.

A great looking bathroom requires many considerations, such as how to best use the available space to provide you with maximum storage, comfort and functionality. Elements such as waterproofing, tile selection, fixtures and fittings that not only create a stunning bathroom finish, but fit seamlessly into the overall feel of the home, are all essential considerations.

At Hargreaves, our experienced team know what it takes to deliver a beautiful bathroom every time.

If you are trying to decide who the right team is to assist you,
here are the 3 most common reasons clients tell us they chose Hargreaves.
  1. We appreciated that you didn’t only look at bathroom design you looked at how you could help us create a unique design that fully utilised our available space.

  2. We wanted a company who guaranteed the highest quality work standards and you were a standout.

  3. We wanted the peace of mind of working with a company with a proven track record of delivering what we wanted on time.

So if great design, space maximisation, guaranteed quality and promise of a great result are as important to you as our other client’s then contact Hargreaves on (03) 5743 2405 today to speak to one of our expert design team and find out how we can help you create a beautiful new bathroom.